Who We Are


CREAN is an independent not-for-profit society with a membership made up from emergency preparedness partners in the Capital Regional District.

Our Mission:

To make residents of the Capital Regional District aware of the need to be prepared for an emergency.


  • To promote and support emergency preparedness initiatives by motivating families, businesses and agencies to take action that will lead to more resilient communities in time of emergency.
  • To provide financial support for local emergency preparedness initiatives.


  • Meet on a regular basis to address issues relevant to emergency preparedness awareness in the Capital Regional District.
  • Make available minutes of meetings to CREAN members and interested partners.
  • Develop and follow strategic goals and an action plan that enhances emergency preparedness awareness.
  • Apply to host all VIEP Conferences held within the Capital Regional District.
  • With partner organizations, collaborate on developing funding proposals that support CREAN’s mission.

  • Act as a catalyst for emergency preparedness awareness activities targeted at families, businesses and communities by:

  1. Sharing information pertaining to emergency activities within the Capital Regional District, with emphasis on emergency preparedness.
  2. Supporting community emergency preparedness activities that may be hosted by another organization

  • Plan and participate in a variety of activities designed to support and recognize the efforts of front-line emergency workers, both employees and volunteers alike.

These activities could include:

  1. Training sessions, presentations and conferences.
  2. Recognition events, including social functions and media releases.

  • CREAN has no specific role during a local emergency; however, it could assist if deemed appropriate.


                                                   Adopted May 24, 2011